ORGAN: Five pieces of art – Anne Ryan, Peter Schumann, Bread and Puppet Theater, Fergus Hare’s bath, David Shillinglaw’s pot heads, Ben Fenton’s line…

David Shillinglaw – It’s raining diamonds on Jupiter – Mixed paint and collage on canvas. 150x150cm. 2022.

The now and again Five Pieces of Art thing feature again. Well why not (again)? All this art flowing past on various feeds or wrapped up in press releases or jumping off actual gallery walls or wrapping chips or passing on the side of those Whitechapel white vans. So we ask (again) why not five pieces of art every couple of weeks or so alongside everything else that appears on this tractured pages on a daily basis? Can you think of one good reason why not to (again)? Well besides the time involved and the this and the that and the dancing around and the skins on the tins of paint and the man at the door

Five pieces of art then, a semi regular feature, just five pieces of art that have passed our way in the last few days, nothing more (or less) than that., nothing really to do with an upcoming show or anything else (although maybe they are), just a simple, semi regular five pieces of art feature. Let’s do it again, last time it was – ORGAN: Five pieces of art – Charles Williams, the glorious punk rock mess of SaiakuNana, Sho Shibuya, Yoko, Shepard Fairey’s Diplomacy Over Violence and Ukranian icon Maria Prymachenko…

Five more then….

Anne Ryan

1; Anne Ryan – this image went by on a social media feed this morning, actually the Art Car Boot Fair feed (we’re kind of in Art Car Boot Fair mode around here now with just 30 days to go until May 14th) and that image did excite in a way art often can ion an instagram feed – “Delighted to welcome back the extraordinary Anne Ryan to Art Car Boot Fair with @dollshouse_space collective meanwhile don’t miss her show “Sirens” at Turner Contemporary until Spring 2023″ Said someone from the fair.

Bread and Puppet Theater March 2022

2: Peter Schumann – “While the Bread and Puppet Theater touring company takes the day off, we share with you some photos from Peter Schumann’s newest exhibition “Appropriate Slogans for the Current Moment” currently on the road with the 2022 Spring Tour” so said the Theater on  their social medio. We like the Bread and Butter Theater, they are American so we’ll let them spell theater like that even though it looks so so wrong and of course hey did come up with that Cheap Art Manifesto and we do like Peter Schumann, his art and his way of doing things – “Peter Schumann (born 11 June 1934) is the co-founder and director of the Bread & Puppet Theater. Born in Silesia, he was a sculptor and dancer in Germany before moving to the United States in 1961. In 1963 he founded Bread & Puppet in New York City, and in 1970 moved to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, eventually settling in Glover, Vermont, where the company still performs. Schumann’s best known work is the Domestic Resurrection Circus, performed annually by the Bread and Puppet Theater until 1998″. The Theater are currently on tour, that shot up there was posted yesteray on their Facebook page. I do like to have their manifesto up on my stall whenever I do something like the Art Car Boot Fair (I being Sean) . More at breadandpuppet

Here’s some images of from Peter Schumann’s latest exhibition “Appropriate Slogans for the Current Moment”

3: Fergus Hare – you know, normally the almost photo realistic art thing bores the hell out of me but there’s so much humanity in Fergus Hare’s art, so much warmth even when he’s painting a cold empty bath. His Sussex landscapes are wonderful, his bookshelves are wonderful, I love everything he does….

Fergus Hare – Interior (empty bath) • acrylic on paper • 65x48cm • 2022

4: Ben Fenton is an artist who’s really found his identity over the last three or four years – well no, that’#s not true, he always had a strong identity but his current body of work is evolving in a rather special way, his shapes, his concrete, his brutalism, his texture, his eye for a line…

We Shall Always Have Been Here (Kingsdown Beach) 2022, Oil on canvas, H: 92cm X W: 122cm

5: David Shillinglaw – “Your head is a cosmic container, filled with fears, fantasies, facts and fictions. Enjoy your head space, it’s where you live”. Pot Heads. Glazed ceramic. 2022.

More of this soon…. maybe…

2 thoughts on “ORGAN: Five pieces of art – Anne Ryan, Peter Schumann, Bread and Puppet Theater, Fergus Hare’s bath, David Shillinglaw’s pot heads, Ben Fenton’s line…

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