ORGAN PREVIEW: Burst, the latest monthly on-line art exhibition from Cultivate will open here on these pages this Tuesday evening, April 26th…

The ongoing need for a series of monthly on-line shows, carefully curated art exhibitions, the need for a gathering of artists from all over the land and indeed the globe. Burst will be our April on-line exhibition, we being Cultivate. 36 carefully selected artists from North Wales, from Turkey, from New York, from South London, East London, from Yorkshire, Brazil, Canada, Kent, Edinburgh, Birmingham. We like the way these on-line shows reach out. Burst will open on Tuesday evening, 7pm (UK time), April 26th, once again the show will be hosted here on the Organ website, the direct link will be posted everywhere once the exhibition opens, watch this space. The full list of particiapting artists is up there on the show poster, there will of course be full links to all artists to be found with the exhibition, it is about those links and the doors they open. We’re busy “hanging” the show right now, we hope you’ll find some exciting art again, maybe a few people who’s work you hadn’t seen before, maybe you’ll use those links and go explore, conect, follow, “like”, maybe say hello, get on thier mailing lists and watch out for physical exhibitions and all those other things we working artists do.

Burst will open at 7pm UK time, on April 26th 2022 – the link will be here and all over our social medial once the show opens on Tuesday Evening.

We have been running these on-line shows on a monthly basis so far in 2022, we running on line shows alongside our physical shows longe before Covid was a thing, the first one, Red was bac kin 2017, they seemed even more important during the pandemic and the various shades of lockdown, we liked the way they conected people, artists and art fans, from all over the globe, artists like Milike from Turkey, or Liz Griffiths from East London or Patricia Figueiredo from Brazil or jeremy Morgan from Oxford or, oh there’s been three or four hundred artists featured in these on-line shows now, some on a regular basis, some now and again, some once or twice….

Cultivate, once an artist-led gallery based on East London’s now pretty much defunct Vyner Street, now nomadic, founded by artists Emma Harvey and Sean Worrall, Cultivate has been a thing for eleven years now. Art events in condemned warehouses, Edwardian dress shops, in formal white walled galleries, at dog shows, in car parks, in an old greengrocers, on line, on market stalls, at the seaside. Cultivate is about artists coming together to make things happen ourselves, doing things on our terms. We’re working on a number of events for the summer right now, both on-line and physical 9I won’t say “in real life” as is the fashion now for all of this is real life.

Burst will be the 22nd on-line show from Cultivate and we think the 177th Cultivate event in all, something likew 177 anyway, we might two or tree out with that count. The previous 2 on line shows have all been hosted here on Cultivate’s sister site Organ. Cultivate comes ot you in the same spirit as all those thousands (yes, thousands well at least a thousand) of Organ gigs we put on back there, and in the spirit of ORG Records and all the other things that are now history. View the previous on-line show via these links

March 2022 – Impart
March 2022 – Books (a companion show)
February 2022 – Book
January 2022 – Deflect
June 2021 – Saturation
May 2021- Still
April 2021 – Next (Au Suivant)
March 2021 – Alright?
February 2021 – Self
January 2021 – ReCultivate
November 2020 – Why?
August 2020 – So Why No Do It Again?
June 2020 – (And With Good) Reason
May 2020 – (Far From The) Turmoil
April 2020 – #43Artists
February 2019 – Attract (Part Two)
January 2018 – Intent (Part One)
November 2017 – The Accidental Marks Made While Making Art
August 2017 – Something Blue
April 2017 – Something Black
February 2017 – Red

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