ORGAN THING: The seeds are planted, Atom Gallery unlocks the gallery door with a tasty Dr.D print release this coming Friday…

And as galleries start to open their doors and shout about what they have waitiing for you, over on Green Lanes those print pushers at Atom Gallet are shouting “we’re back” by releasing a new Dr D print.

Dr.D aka Subvertiser

“At midday this Friday (16th April),we’ll be releasing a brand new screenprint – ‘Joy Diversion’ by Dr D aka Subvertiser. This design has been receiving a lot of love and likes over the past few days and we’re very pleased to be publishing such a topical print. It’s a two colour screenprint on lovely South Bank Coarse paper, and measures 50x35cm. It’s a limited edition of 100 and all prints are numbered and signed by Dr D. And it’s only £50!Here’s the link , we’re told the print will be there on Friday.

Fifty quid? Is that a good price? I’ve never bought in to this print culture, it might be a good price, don’t ask me, all relative I’m sure, I’m a subscriber to the notions of the Cheap Art Manifesto and well in my workd a ten pound painting is kind of expensive. hey, a Dr D print for a mere fifty notes, a bullseye, better get doen the iron tank for some bangers and mash this coming Friday.

“We’ve just taken delivery of a bunch of lovely new prints from Belfast-based artist Leo Boyd, which are now up on our online shop, with prices from as little as £40. We only have one of each though, so get your skates on…” so said Captain Atom

For all things Atom head to Personally, If have any spare cash t ospend over in Atom land it would have to be a Villain print – ORGAN THING: Fantabuloso, Villain, Captain Pride, Iron Hoof and a whole load of Polari superheroes at Atom Gallery, and meanwhile up St. Augustine’s Tower, Hackney, The Fields Beneath…

Actually someone asked for an Atom Seed print the other day, Atom Seed baked bean chocolate anyone? The original colour painting of the chocolate bar is around here somewhere.

Meanwhile over here we’re getting ready for Next.. While we’re here, and others still go on about nothing more than a rather “Unhappy Pile of Poo emoji”, some blowing of our own trumpets, it looks like things have gone monthly in terms of the Cultivate on-line shows that are hosted here on Organ website, January was and is ReCultivate, February was and still is Self, March is Alright?, all three shows are still there waiting to be explored, we see no reason to close an on-line show once it has opened. Our next show is next, that opens next Tuesday

And also, while we’re here, the next on-line edition of the beautiful thing that is the Art Car Boot Fair is coming up this May, lots more news about that very soon, the date has been announced now – ORGAN PREVIEW: The Art Car Boot Fair bursts into May with a special Flora and Fauna edition… I do beleive the tickets go on sale this week, Atom Gallery will be taking part, so will some of us Organgrinders…

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